Municipal Commissioner message

Respected citizens’ of Dehradun;

Nagar nigam dehradun has been working very hard to proide best possible service to the citizens of the city,  in our enderous to give best results four you , We have so for achieved Success insolid waste processing and disposal plant in sheeshambara;  Gandhi park and other parks, Renobation work under amrut childrens park and toy train, clock tower renovation and streng thening work; construction of public toilets etc. have also  been completed ;

Nagar Nigam dehradun is also a part of smart city mission of govt of india, in which we will try to more for smart poles replacement of so duim lights with LED lights door to door waste collection by outsources agency and G.I.S based mapping and curey of property tax for thouses and comerical propesties is all so planned for future for the city of dehradun .

we request you to provide support to our endevous and  give youer valueble suggestions and efforts in improving give sesnices for the dehradun .